Base Tendriling Travel Expenses

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With low business travel expenses, companies realized that the cost management cost could be different

United State. The rocket company’s travel expenses exceeded $ 143 billion in 1994, according to the latest American Express survey on business travel management. Private entrepreneurs spend about $ 2,484 per employee on travel and leisure, up 17 percent over the past four years.

The company’s T & E costs, which are now the largest costs charged with costs and data processing costs, are on the line. The company reported that savings of 1% or 2% could be translated into the millions of dollars added below.

Savings in this arrangement may require management’s attention, which is a condition of the project. Participation begins by understanding and evaluating the M & E components of control and monitoring more effectively.

Hand management includes responsibility for travel management, accreditation of quality measurement systems for used travel services, and writing and development of official travel policies. Only 64 percent of US companies have travel knowledge.

In fact, with senior management support, the only way to save is one of the only companies that have successfully developed internal programs that will help reduce travel costs, greater travel prospects, and most companies do not know where to go. Says Stephen R. Shane, founder and CEO of The Global Group Inc .: “The travel industry relies on information.” “Until the passenger on board, he had just bought information.”

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